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국제학술지 논문 (최근 3년)  

국제학술지 논문 (최근 3년)

QueryNet: Querying neural networks for lightweight specialized models

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Deep learning for 3D human motion prediction: State-of-the-art and future trends

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Advanced intrusion detection combining signature-based and behavior-based detection methods

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Probabilistic principal geodesic deep metric learning

Dae Ha Kim and Byung Cheol Song, IEEE Access, 2022

Disrupted stepwise functional brain organization in overweight individuals

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Knowledge transfer via decomposing essential information in convolutional neural networks

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Adaptive graph adversarial networks for partial domain adaptation

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MM-BiFPN: Multi-modality fusion network with Bi-FPN for MRI brain tumor segmentation

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Universal framework for joint image restoration and 3D body reconstruction

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Generative adversarial networks with attention mechanisms at every scale

Farkhod Makhmudkhujaev and In Kyu Park, IEEE Access, 2021